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Park Shore began as a small, store-front, independent pharmacy in 1958.  In 1978, a young man named Robert “Bob” Gillis took a job at Park Shore in the delivery department making medication deliveries, and after that, he never looked back.

Bob continued in his career by earning his pharmacist license and later becoming the owner of Park Shore Drug, Inc.  With his wife, Josephine, by his side and a team of dedicated, impressive staff, Park Shore has evolved over the past sixty plus years from a retail pharmacy into a full-service, long term care pharmacy, providing pharmaceutical services to the elderly and developmentally disabled citizens in the state of Florida.

Park Shore Pharmacon is settled in a large facility in Hallandale Beach, FL.  Park Shore provides a variety of programs for its valued, long-term care facility partners, which are designed to equip facilities with the resources needed to meet the newest demands in the health care industry today.

If you are looking for a trusted, reliable pharmacy partner, look no further and CONTACT US today! 

To learn more about Park Shore services, CLICK HERE!

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