Technological advancements in the long term care industry enable Park Shore to serve facilities more efficiently through real-time interfaces and a much-needed paperless system.

Some of our featured technology includes:

  • A high-performing delivery tracking system with hand-held scanners to document real-time signatures
  • An electronic document management database providing for instant document retrieval
  • The HL7 interface, enabling electronic medication administration record (eMAR) technology
  • eMAR programs, giving facilities the opportunity to revolutionize current operations
  • Bar code scanning technology to complement eMAR functions
  • Automated pill dispensing machines
  • Ability to accept all electronic prescriptions


Our philosophy regarding eMAR programs is to provide whichever program best fits the facilities we serve. Park Shore works with multiple eMAR companies as a result, providing an array of eMAR options. If you’d like an eMAR demonstration or to learn about the implementation process, email for additional information.

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