Skilled Nursing Facility Services

The nursing home industry caters to a vulnerable patient population and requires an excellent partner in medication management for a variety of reasons.  Park Shore partners with its valued nursing facilities in an effort to reduce medication costs, hospital re-admissions and promote great communication between nursing home and pharmacy staff members.

Park Shore provides skilled nursing facilities with:

  • Personalized Emergency Kits (e-kits)
  • Medication carts
  • Fax machines
  • Custom medication packaging
  • Custom invoices
  • Medication labels with bar codes
  • MARs, TARs, POS, and/or eMARs
  • Bar code scanners
  • Daily delivery(s)
  • High cost medication alerts
  • Prior Authorization department
  • Skilled nursing billing department
  • Routine facilitiy visits to ensure premier pharmacy services
  • Infusion therapy, pumps, compounding services and more


Park Shore is entirely committed to the skilled nursing home industry and delivers on its promises to facilities and their residents.

*Proud member of Florida Health Care Association*

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