Consumable Medical Supplies

Welcome to the Medicare, Medicaid and Waiver services department at Park Shore Pharmacon.

We have contracts with Medicare, Florida Medicaid, Agency for Persons with Disabilities Developmentally Disabled Waiver (DD Waiver), and Family and Supported Living Waiver (FSW Waiver), allowing us to provide incontinence products for clients with these forms of insurance.  In addition, we will also bill Third Party Insurances for these items as needed.

Park Shore offers a full line of incontinence supplies with delivery, including but not limited to: diapers, pull ups, under pads, wipes and gloves.

We proudly carry three major manufacturers to ensure all of our residents’ needs are met, as we prioritize the individual need of each resident.  The CMS department at Park Shore will provide samples of all sizes and products until the right fit is found for your residents.

Park Shore also supplies nutritionals, walkers, wheelchairs, and shower chairs as needed.

For more information on the products that we carry:

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