Medication Packaging & Medical Records

Park Shore offers a variety of medication packaging to long term care facilities, ranging from single-dose to multi-dose packaging options.  We understand that one type of packaging is not always a guaranteed fit for every facility, and this is one reason why we offer a selection to facility staff.  Specialized medication packaging helps facilities reduce medication errors and create efficient facility operations.  Contact us to for samples of our packaging options.

To complement our specialized medication packaging, Park Shore offers several med sheet options to facilities.  We use premium laser med sheets to print medical records, and we offer a med sheet that is color-sequenced with our color-coded blister pack system.  Park Shore is up-to-date with the latest med sheets and charting options.  If you are not using any of the methods below to track patient drug usage, allow us to show you how.

  • Electronic Medication Administration Records (eMAR)
  • Medication Administration Record (MAR)
  • Physician Order Sheets (POS)
  • Narcotics Sheets
  • Behavior Monitoring Sheets
  • Treatment Administration Records

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