Want To Start With PARK SHORE Services?

Park Shore Pharmacon takes pride in the ability to serve the specific needs of our facilities and residents. Our service section is constantly evolving, as we are always seeking feedback from our clients on current obstacles and looking for the newest practices in LTC pharmacy.  With continuous technological and compliance demands in our industry, Park Shore will help your facility face new challenges in a coordinated, energetic effort.

We are known in the industry for understanding unique patient populations, such as persons with developmental and intellectual disabilities and the geriatric community, and we understand that resources for these populations differ across the broad Florida territory.  Park Shore will work with you to standardize your pharmacy practices across the facilities that you manage while also maintaining the ability to carve out special operations where necessary.

Take a look at the services that we currently offer. If you don’t see a service or a product that you need, let us know—we will make it happen.

  • Cycle-Fill Services
  • Special packaging options (unit-dose and multi-dose available)
  • Liquid unit dose options
  • Delivery services
  • Technology start-ups and/or upgrades
  • Medical Records Department
  • Custom Reports
  • Consumable Medical Supplies Department
  • Beautiful storage and other pharmacy-related equipment
  • Consulting/Training services
  • Billing Department
  • Formulary management
  • Pricing evaluations
  • High Cost Medication Alerts
  • Medication Regimen Reviews
  • Emergency Medication Inventory (for facilities with institutional pharmacy license)
  • 24/7 Access to Pharmacist
  • 24/7 Access to Administration

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