Resources for Families & Guardians

Dear Families and Guardians of Park Shore patients,

On behalf of the entire Park Shore team, WELCOME to Park Shore Pharmacon, long term care pharmacy services provider.

Park Shore is a “special closed-door pharmacy” and has been privileged to serve the extraordinary I/DD and geriatric communities for over twenty-five years. We take great pride in overseeing medication therapies for our unique patients and by providing a comprehensive pharmacy program to facility partners—the residences of our patients—throughout the state of Florida.

The facility and/or home your loved one resides in has partnered with Park Shore for a few key reasons:

  • Park Shore has specific operations in place to ensure that routine medication regimens for individuals are uninterrupted from month-to-month
  • Park Shore packages medications in special medication packaging focused on simplifying med pass and preventing medication errors
  • Park Shore provides adapted medication equipment to promote organized, safe medication practices for your loved one
  • Park Shore arranges reliable daily delivery with facility partners in order to accommodate new medication orders and refill orders for individuals
  • Park Shore offers a consumable medical supply and accredited durable medical equipment department for patients requiring adult incontinence products, specialty nutritional milks, gloves, wipes, catheters and more
  • Park Shore assigns a custom pharmacy team to each facility partner to ensure continuity of care and good communication amongst prescribers, pharmacy and facility staff and nurses
  • Park Shore offers interface functionality to facility Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms for a more seamless transfer of health information with less room for medication error.

For these reasons and more, Park Shore continues to be a leading pharmacy provider for long term care facilities.

Once a month, Park Shore issues invoices to families/guardians if their loved one has incurred any medication co-pays or if their loved one has received non-covered medication items during the previous month. The invoice contains details on the medication charges and also provides information on how to log into our online billing portal to view invoices electronically. Call us or log into the web-based billing portal to make payments by check or credit card.

Park Shore staff members communicate daily with facility staff and nurses, so please feel free to ask your facility contacts any questions you have in regards to our medication program; invoices; medication regimens. We will provide answers to them on your behalf as soon as possible.

We look forward to providing for your loved one to the best of our ability. Thank you for your confidence in Park Shore services!

Robert Gillis, RPh

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